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No Refuge in Sight... Not While Jed's in Charge

The day after San Francisco 49ers games are a sad, open-casket wake, held under a sky of circling vultures. One fan puts the blame squarely on This Player, while another says it’s all That Player’s fault. They fight and rip at the cold franchise to satisfy their grief.

I’m no different than any other vulture, though I tend to lean more toward a poor coaching staff rather than a lack of individual performance.

I searched today for a football muse to try and spark some kind of creativity, though I really don’t know what I was looking for. Maybe something to hold on to as 49er fans wander through a corpse-filled tunnel of dead hopes and dreams, searching for the light.

What surfaced wasn’t a magic talisman that wards off the demons and imps. No sir. What bubbled to the keyboard was just a mindless Jed York rant, and finding headlines from 2010 regarding an 'unnamed source' in a Jason Cole story (no shock there) complaining about Jimmy Raye's inability to get a play from his call sheet to Alex Smith's ears. 

Here's the headline and story. You draw your own conclusions.

Coach Mike Singletary Smells ‘Rat’ in San Francisco 49ers’ House

Finished? Good. Now take a step back for a moment from hating Kaepernick/Gabbert or whoever your least favorite guy is. Who was around back then to call up Cole and rant about Jimmy Raye?

Jed York is the common failure from 2009 to today. Blame Baalke, blame Tomsula, blame Greg Roman. Everyone knows it’s Jed; but the brass denies it, former players and coaches won't admit it either. Jed continues to leak information and destroy careers, rather than take a deep breath and realize he’s in well-over his head..

When Jed and his Ego fired Harbaugh, he provided fans the option to 'hold him accountable.' Everyone got excited. We were going to show Jed who's boss!

But, Jed’s version of leadership and accountability is whatever suits his need at that moment. It’s purely self-interest, and it’s a cycle he’s incapable of breaking. All our ranting or raving or Tweeting or not buying tickets gives fans a false sense of control. 

Jed will never take time to speak with fans, and if you think he cares about your anger, he doesn’t. But, I am curious if Jed thinks he operates the 49ers with class, as he put it during the Harbaugh termination. Is Jed a reflection of what he wants to see out of others in the building?

That's what makes an organization win with class. Well, that and a run defense. Both are a good place to start. 

We want a return to what made the 49ers a world class organization - wins, competitiveness, dignity - and a team where coaches and players wanted to be. And many of us will continue to wade through that black cavern, searching for the light bouncing off a gold helmet in the California sun. 

But we shouldn't go looking for place with a Jed York-led organization. 

Until he's gone, we'll just continue to wander.