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So, Why a Website? Why Now?

Look, I know what you’re thinking. It’s 2016, and you’re finally getting around to creating your own space on the Interwebs. 

Yes, I’m late. Way late. I have my reasons as to why, but we don’t need to get into each one of those right now.

So, why now?

Over the last year, I’ve had a few job interviews, and have been a finalist in most of them. In July, I had an interview with a dot com in July as a public relations manager. Dream job? Maybe. It’s an industry I’d like to be in, and was considering donating a body part to land the position. I was honored to be asked to interview and prepared like crazy.

Alas, no dice. 

“We’re looking for someone with more technology experience.”

Now, I think I could do the job without the tech experience, but that doesn’t matter. 

It doesn’t matter I had an eWorld (Apple’s version of AOL) username back in 1994, used FTP sites to download MP3s back in 1999 (that’s pre-Napster for you youngsters) and it doesn’t matter that I can use Microsoft Word with the best of them.

What mattered: The company didn’t share those feelings. 

So, left with two choices:

  1. Sulk/do nothing
  2. Learn and improve

I chose to learn and improve. 

The first thing I did learn when applying for the Dream Job: Enough with the formality, and enough with holding back. I sent them a bold new cover letter with personality, and included a wedding ceremony rough draft as a writing sample. Hell, I told them there were errors in the rough draft, but felt they should see a different side of me, and how I write. 

It was enough to land an interview, but not enough to land the job. 

So, I’m doing something wrong. I need to do better. And this is my answer.

Bret Rumbeck